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About Bita…

Bita is a Persian Chef born and raised in Mashhad, Iran and came to the UK many years ago. Cooking has always been her passion - a skill she developed from a very young age, watching and copying her grandmother and mother. A passion that grows every day.

She was trained as a professional Chef in London and was awarded ‘Student of the Year’ giving her further motivation to pursue her culinary ambitions.

Although Bita has worked in Michelin Star restaurants and Five Star London based hotels, her outstanding standard of cooking and presentation is mainly nurtured from her training in a Persian family home environment with traditional dishes passed down by the generations.

Bita launched her “Authentic Persian Supper club” at her home in North West London in 2014 so that people could experience the truly exquisite cuisine and warm hospitality found in Persian homes and restaurants in Iran.

As her events became popular, she started hosting Pop-Up events at various unique venues, providing private catering and also running market stalls in London and some other cities in the UK.

Bita has hosted over 60 ‘Authentic Persian Supper Clubs’ in London.  She also features on TV weekly on her own show, ‘Bita’s Kitchen’, broadcast by Iran International into 120 countries worldwide.

Bita Fallah

Founder of “Authentic Persian Supper Club”